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This site celebrates many of the passions of Tom Shaper - music, yoga, writing, and inventing. So, have a look around and enjoy.  Send a comment and let us know what you think.   



Z Journey(al)

An inside look at the 2020 year. This book captures the emotion and craziness of a hopefully unique period of time. It looks at a number of perspectives. It is humorous in spots (I hope). It warns of some serious concerns (I hope not). it will open the door to a number of discussions.

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Journey begins


With more than 30 years of guitar playing under his belt, Tom is comfortable riffing with the 'best'.  His original compositions appear on several CDs accompanied by many storied-musician and friends. 

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One day while playing my Telecaster with friends and having a good time. I sat on the drum stool and kept a groove going on the bass drum and high hat while I continued to play chords on the Telecaster. I wanted to strike the strings with a drumstick in order to make it more percussive oriented. There was no comfortable way to hit the strings to get a rebound.  


A drummer and/or percussionist understands how important the rebound is so I searched for a way to strike the strings from the back and through that process, the Jasperbridge resulted.  

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Sound Bites

Musician, Composer, Writer, and Inventor

A lifelong musician, Tom is well-known in the music industry for his bluesy-rock guitar chops.  A guitarist for more than 30 years, he's also studied drums and piano.  He combines all his music theory knowledge to play with rhythms and melodies with his invention of the Jaspberbridge - the world's first electric percussive guitar.


Tom's composed songs, released several CDs, and most recently published two books chronicling his views and responses to world events.  He is now working on book three. 



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