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  1. The JasperBridge is a registered patent with the U.S. Patent Office so no stealing, copying, reverse engineering or otherwise.  BTW we should mention Tom is also an attorney and has worked in several city prosecutor's offices; he still knows quite a few. 

  2. Tommy Shaper is an accomplished and well respected guitarist and involved simultaneously with several rock, jazz and blues bands. He counts among his friends many of the best-known guitarist and musicians throughout the US. 

  3. Tom's approach to music and the JasperBridge is to enjoy your music, feel it and love it. There's no right or wrong but a lot of different styles. The JasperBridge is a vehicle for finding new ways to express yourself through music and have fun along the way.  

  4. Why create the JasperBridge? It inspires creativity. It's a new voice from a new instrument. Says Tom, "When I designed it, I wasn't sure whether it would perform in the way I envisioned. But I’ll tell you honestly, the Jasperbridge has already exceeded most of my expectations. It’s fun to play and inspires creative thought."

  5. An idea is born: Tom was helping friends learn some new chords one day. Tommy was playing drums and somehow ended up with a guitar on his lap while still seated at the drum kit. He had always been fascinated by the interplay of rhythm and harmony and wanted to figure out a more rhythmic way of playing guitar. That was the start of the idea that led to the JasperBridge.  

  6. Check out some of the videos and you'll not only hear the JasperBridge, but some great guitarists as well, including Peter Bonta of Artful Dodger fame and a great friend of Tom's, the late Seth Rosen. And for some fun, check out the Bill Kirchen video. 

Consider yourself informed! 

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