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It Started With a Telecaster

I have played guitar for over thirty years and have studied rhythms for a long time. I have a tremendous appreciation for musicians who understand how important rhythm is to the song and life itself.

I have studied drums and percussion with a lot of excellent teachers who blended technique with an organic feel.  I have tried to incorporate a number of these concepts into my guitar playing and song writing. 


One day while playing my Telecaster with friends and having a good time. I sat on the drum stool and kept a groove going on the bass drum and high hat while I continued to play chords on the Telecaster. I wanted to strike the strings with a drumstick in order to make it more percussive oriented. There was no comfortable way to hit the strings to get a rebound.  

A drummer and/or percussionist understands how important the rebound is so I searched for a way to strike the strings from the back and through that process, the Jasperbridge resulted.  

The stick bounces after hitting the strings opening for you and I a world of creative possibilities to play percussive guitar.  You're free to make up your owns and I'd love to hear what you do.    

The Design

Strings on both sides of the guitar!  What?


The JasperBridge's original design takes the strings from the front of the guitar neck and brings them through a "tunnel" to the other side of the guitar's body. This patented design lets you play chords with your left hand (in the same way as a standard guitar) and leaves your right hand free to play rhythms using drumsticks or other strikers. The natural bounce off the strings creates a great rebound feel and the unique JasperBridge sound.


The JasperBridge features a single, modified humbuckling pickup with volume and tone controls located at the end of the guitar's body.  This design allows an entirely new playing position as the JasperBridge is mounted on a stand which can be adjusted to the musician's height and striking position.  The neck creates a familiar feel to any guitarist, despite it being played away from the body.  The quick-fit stand was specially designed for playing while standing or seated. 

Why Play a Jasperbridge 


  • The techniques you already know from guitar and/or percussion will transfer to the Jasperbridge.  

  • The techniques you learn on the Jasperbridge will have an impact on your guitar and/or percussion playing.

  • The Jasperbridge represents an opportunity to explore and to create music on an undiscovered instrument.

  • The Jasperbridge will compliment what you already do.  

  • It will add to your marketability.  

  • The Jasperbridge is the first thing people notice on the stage.  

  • You'll see cell phones and cameras come out as soon as you start to play it.  

There is a learning curve to playing the Jasperbridge so don't be discouraged if you have trouble the first few times you play it. 

Once you build momentum, you'll be playing things on it that nobody else has.  You'll approach songs you know from a differenet perspective, play them in a different manner, culminating in a positive playing experience.​


It's impossible to know where other people are going to take this instrument, or what sound they might achieve.  Take a look at our VIDEO REEL and see some of the things I've done with the Jasperbridge.  Send me a post with your YouTube video and we may include it here on our website.  


                                      -  TOM SHAPER




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