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The JasperBridge
Electric Percussive Guitar


The JasperBridge was featured at NAMM in Nashville and SXSW.  



The Jasperbridge Percussive Guitar is a new and truly original musical instrument.  It was created by lifelong guitarist, Tom Shaper, who was looking for a more percussive way of playing rhythms, melodies and effects on a guitar.

The Jasperbridge Percussive Guitar combines the familarity of a standard electric guitar neck with a unique "reversed" body  that is supported on a stand allowing the musician to grab notes and chords with his left hand and use conventional and non-conventional strikers (sticks, mallets, chop sticks, ice cream scoops, etc.) to attack the strings and/or body.



Creative musicians are employing different techniques and making new discoveries.  It inspires new ideas, concepts, and songs.  The Jasperbridge is the first thing people notice when they see the stage.  Tom has been requested by a number of venues to play the Jasperbridge because it is a focal point and encourages crowd reaction.  People want to know what the hell it is.

Specifications and Ordering Information

Electric Percussive JasperBridge Guitar


SHIPPED DIRECT VIA UPS    |    Not sold in stores    |   Available direct from manufacturer


The JasperBridge Kit includes:

  • JasperBridge Six String Electric Guitar

  • Heavy-Duty Chrome Tripod Stand

  • Padded Gig Bag for JasperBridge

  • Unpadded Gig Bag for Stand

  • One Drumstick 


It arrives in a single package via UPS and sets up easily, so you can enjoy it within minutes of its arrival.  

How to Buy

Choose From 2 Colors

jb black.jpg


Black Body, Black Neck


jb red.jpg


Red Body, Black Neck


ORDER SECURELY:  To order, click appropriate BUY NOW button and Paypal window will open.  Paypal is a secure transmittal network.  No account is required; you can check out as a guest if you do not have or wish to open a Paypal account.

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